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Incredible Way to Build Wealth | Stop Eating Money

Incredible Way to Build Wealth


Your health is your wealth! When you read or hear this metaphor, you might think of physical well-being. The comparison is made to reflect the importance of taking care of our bodies. Our physical fitness is as important as our financial fitness! Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is the title of an album, a film, and a soundtrack by Curtis Jackson. Some people took 50 Cent, as he is known, literally! So much attention is placed on achieving that other areas are neglected!

Perhaps, some of us need to change our focus from getting rich. I can’t tell you how to get rich, but I can tell you how to obtain wealth! An incredible way to build wealth is to share your time, talents, money, and love with others! Health equals wealth, but this month I am not referring to physical well-being. I am concentrating on our social well-being because our society is full of people who are struggling. What is social well-being?

Our social well-being is determined by our relationships with others and based upon how we talk to, act with, and relate to people. The month of July is observed as Social Wellness Month, and emphasis is placed on improving our social well-being. This is an excellent time to increase positivity and reduce negativity. It doesn’t cost much to help improve someone’s mood or environment. Encouragement is not expensive, and the feedback is often priceless!

When you extend a helping hand, help is often extended to you in ways that you would have never imagined. Doors can open that were previously closed! Do not be discouraged or distracted! Only a few people get rich quickly, while the rest of us have to work diligently to live comfortably. As the gap widens between the rich and the poor, there is still hope! Wealth is not measured in dollars and cents. Some of the richest people remain poor (in mind, body, heart, and soul). Don’t learn all of your lessons from them!

Take note from the following, who are building wealth:

Can you improve your health/social well-being by changing focus (from getting rich to building wealth)? Please comment.

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