My Reasons for Blogging

blog1imagePut your money where your mouth is! Idioms can seem idiotic at times; however, this is one that I love! Why? I have been talking about, thinking about, and praying about writing a blog for two years. After much research and consideration, I am doing it! I have finally jumped into the pool of web journalists! While some people do not consider blogging as journalism, I will be writing current material that I hope will be of interest or appeal to a wide audience.

Deciding on what to write about has been a journey. I have varied interests which made it difficult to select one topic. Providence led me to my first love: Economics! Observing some of my students’ decisions to purchase snacks over school supplies continued to gnaw at me. I wondered when (or where) they would learn to make better financial decisions. The local newspapers continued to print numerous bankruptcies, charges of fraud, etc. I continued to read national news articles about financial disasters that celebrities were experiencing.

When I read about the craze of people eating money, my stomach soured. The photos could be humorous, but financial problems are no laughing matter! It might all be in good fun, but (without any disclaimers) it teaches irresponsibility. So, here I am! I plan to show people of color the importance of financial literacy. Many of us have become experts at earning and spending money. Our growth as a people will only occur as we learn how to better manage our money.

Are we investing our money? What are we doing to turn the money we have into more money? What are we doing to help others achieve financial independence or survival? How should we respond to financial problems? Talk is cheap! It is time for us to stop talking and start doing! Well, I am starting today! This blog will be a vehicle for expressing my thoughts, helping people in my community, and making a difference in the world.

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