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Yesterday Is But A Memory!

by: Arthur Buchanan

Yesterday is gone and there is nothing you can do about what may or may not have taken place on that day. You can’t change one whisper of what happened that day so you might as well let it go, slip slowly into that forgetful place we call the past.

The past has no memory and has know power over us there is no sense in giving it any more strength over your life than is necessary, which should be ZERO, because there is nothing that you can do to change a thing about that cold stale place we call the past. We as people seem to focus on the past and if we didn’t do something, then we beat ourselves up and why we do this is beyond me, as it severs no purpose as nothing shall change in life if we beat ourselves up and things can only get worse by your doing so.

Yet we need to learn how to let things go and relax. Let the past be exactly that, the past. There is not a darn thing any one of us can do about it. Focus on the here and now the present moment, as this is the only one that you were ever promised! Use them all wisely, as someday you shall be glad you did.

As moments become minutes and minute’s hours and hour’s years and year’s decades and before you know it your life here is through and all the past means nothing, and yesterday we need not worry about and tomorrow may never come. So hold on too NOW, as now is all you are guaranteed. Now seems like forever as forever may be and the end or the beginning of that I am not sure.

What I am sure is this the past is but a memory and the present is now, use it and mold and shape it to any way you see fit to the you, that you want and know you can be. Tomorrow may never come and we need not waste time on the fact that it may never be, so use your energy on something positive to build and shape yourself to the Perfect You that you know you can become.

See yourself in the present doing what ever it is that you want and always hold on to that vision and build this present moment and make it the best moment that you possibly can. The way you see the moment could very well not agree with the next person’s moment and that is just fine try to steer your way clear of that person and believe in what you are trying to build in your moment right now.

You are the only person that can see what your dream is and only you can know the depths that you need to go to get to where it is that you want to be. Don’t let anyone steal your moments as when you start to give him or her up, the person who is stealing they shall certainly try to get more and more and before you know, they have taken over your life moment by moment.

Now you are not living your life for you. You are living their vision and dreams of another. A good example of this would be living the life that our parents would have you live as though they are their moments and not yours. One thing people need to understand is that we are all selfish being and we want what is best for us, and you will put yourself first 95% of the time and that’s OK. Just remember when you are doing this that you don’t steal someone’s moments and try to make them live the life that you would want.

Perfect example would be of the son who wants to move away and his parents try to get him to stay. Now if you stay you are not living your own life you are living theirs and your moments start to fade into the sunlight like the setting of the sun in the evening. So please try and use your own moments, as you have no right to steal anyone else’s. Let go and let them live their own life and this pertains to anyone who will try and steal your thunder. Let the moments that are not yours be someone else’s and let them be and focus on what you can do to better in your own world by improving your moments one by one!

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