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Life Training Shows us Platitude as a Vigilant Act of Gratitude

by: Gary Eby

What’s your Life Training? In life people have conflicting views and predisposition. One might be a pessimist, a cynic, a realist, an idealist. They can look at the land of milk and honey and see only calories and cholesterol. Gloom and dread with an air of indifference often wreck havoc to their lives. But what really matters is optimism. Being an optimist is truly a worthwhile experience when you have positive outlook in life. You can tackle anything, face hindrances and adversities head on with confidence. It is ultimately the necessity in order for you to succeed. Being nice is contagious and as the law of reciprocity states you will be rewarded by the smiles you give other people.

But alas there are people who are just depressing beyond reproach; they have bumper stickers that go like this …We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse. Will you allow negative things as your Life Course?

Everyone has a choice. You can either complain that rose bushes have thorns … or you can rejoice that thorn bushes have roses. You can either be a person who views a glass a half full or half empty. Everyone has Personal Mission.

If you wake up in the morning and listen to songs like “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” What will that do for your attitude? You’ll really get no satisfaction. Or here’s another inspirational ditty “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head!” That’s having great expectation for the day! Or here’s a personal favorite … “I’ve Got Friends in Low Places!” Well, that ought to affect your life in a factual positive manner! What is my worth? Do Personal Good or the other way round?

It’s been proven that the first 30 minutes of your day and the last 30 minutes are the most important concerning your attitude.

Much like in advertising they call every time you see a sign, read an ad, or hear a radio spot, etc., an impression. The goal is to bombard you with multiple “impressions” to persuade you to buy their products. Each sensory reception.. Creates an impression … which creates a perception! Your attitude will be affected by what you are “impressed” by! That in turn will affect your performance. Don’t allow yourself to be filled with negative impressions or your integrity will suffer.

Don’t let Madison Ave. determine your attitude. Your morning coffee should not determine your attitude! What if the city dump called and offered to come by your house and deliver 2500 lbs. of garbage on your lawn for free. Would you accept it? NOT! You would think they were crazy! And yet, we let the media and people around us dump garbage into us on a daily basis. We need to be logical and act like civilized people should upholding norms and conducts that are expected of us!

You don’t have to be pessimistic. It is a choice. Did you know that the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary did not have the word pessimist … or pessimistic in it? There was no such word!

The great Helen Keller once said, “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an ,uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.”

Your attitude is a choice. You get to choose how you let others perceive you!

Think about this … have you ever heard anybody say, “He’s really got a great attitude. Let’s fire him!” Ha! Never in a million years. Positive impression on people is the seed that you should cultivate in order to succeed.

In San Francisco, at the zoo, they had an elephant who I believe was named Callie. Callie had an eating disorder. She had a chronic illness. They couldn’t get her to eat … no matter what; they couldn’t get her to eat. When she did eat, it didn’t digest correctly. They tried to give her the medication, but, there was no way in the world that Callie would take her medication. So, eventually they had to use five men, as part of their job, to give Callie her medication.

She refused to take it orally, so they decided they were going to have to give her the medication in another way. Yes.. I know what you’re thinking! And, you’re right! They had to use a ten inch long, 41 pound, coco butter suppository.

So, everyday one of them would tenderly lift her tail … one of them would take a rubber glove that covered the entire arm, and three of the other men soothed and positioned Callie. And they administered her medication … much to her dismay!

What a job! How would that look on your resume?

“What was your last job?”

“Oh, I inserted a ten inch long, 41 pound, coco butter suppository into a grumpy 6000 pound female pachyderm!”

So, the bottom line is this. There are at least five people in America that have a job worse than yours! Complaining is a sign of weakness, why not find ways to overcome adversities be proactive.

Stop complaining folks. This too will pass! Change your attitude and you’ll change your life!

It’s important to keep an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Instead of a complaints list. I have personally found that the longer your gratitude list … the shorter your gripe list!

So, I gathered my family together one night and got out a note pad. I told them that we were going to make a list of everything we could remember that had happened that past year we were thankful for. It began slowly. But when we got into it … my pen could not keep up. We consolidated everything! Physical things. Spiritual things. Financial things! We laughed.. We cried … we got out the projector and showed slides and watched recent videos. Then we added more to the list. We decided to read the list aloud for 30 days. Something miraculous happened when we developed an attitude of gratitude.

We have broken through adversities! Thankful people become blessed people, blessed by the optimism they share with others! I suggest that if you are having an attitude problem. If you … like the great Zig Zigler says, have “stinkin thinkin” … then make out a gratitude list. An attitude change is necessary don’t exacerbate it instead revitalize your life with a positive attitude. Get it from the experts and make this your Life Course.

About The Author

Gary Eby, a member of the Jim Rohn Speaker Bureau, is gifted to teach deep truths in a clear and easily understandable style. His messages are power-packed and often filled with laughter and practical illustrations. He has shared the stage with great speakers such as Jim Rohn and Les Brown. Not only is Gary a sought after speaker, but he is also an author whose personal development book Lefthanded Soldiers has received worldwide attention. You may receive a free copy at

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Four Questions That Will Transform Your Life

by: Coco Fossland

No matter where you are in life — whether we’re living in the pit of despair or having everything comin’ up roses — there’s always a larger perspective that could produce a quantum shift that leads to a more joyful perspective.

To live a life that continuously expands moving into uncharted territories of joy, bliss, and abundance, we must be conscious, awake, and willing to explore.

Until we take time to reflect and celebrate all that makes us fortunate, we miss the opportunity to truly size the fulfillment, joy, and love that is available to each of us.

Each of us, has literally, a never-ending stream of reasons to be grateful. If nothing else, we can be grateful for the air that we breathe and it’s continuous supply of oxygen and life.

Here’s a quick list of amazing, yet simple things to be grateful for:

The ability to smile

The ability to feel love

The ability to give to others

Having a friend who cares

Having food to eat

Fresh water you can drink

The sight of a sunset

The feel of soft fabric

A place you can call home

The sun

It is our responsibility to taste, touch, feel and savor the miracles, blessings, surprises, and possibilities that are unfolding deliciously at every moment of our existence. This is how to be alive. Failure to miss the delectable beauty that exists inside every moment is the failure to live.

Inside gratitude, presence of all aliveness awakens and exposes itself to our hearts. Here is where our hearts swells with love, appreciation, joy and profound divine acceptance of all that is. Gratitude is where our divinity and our humanity merge.

The level of joy you experience in your life is in direct proportion to your experience of gratitude.

You can have all the money, love, and success in the world, but if you are not present to the happiness, fun, ecstasy, and bliss it gives you — if you let the moment of joy pass you by — then despite your outer circumstances, your life will always feel meaningless and empty.

But with gratitude, you can be in a jail cell, eating bread and water, and discover the uncontainable joy of being alive and aware. Maya Angelou’s book, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings depicts that freedom of the soul to discover joy transcends all external cages.

Whenever we are in disempowering situations, we must learn to accept it is because we are entering the situation with a disempowering attitude.

Gratitude is the shift we need to bring us back into empowerment. Gratitude is a choice available through inquiry and practice.

At any moment — even emotionally challenging moments — you can choose to stop, breathe and create gratitude, by asking these four simple questions that can transform your life:

What complaint, belief, or excuse can I surrender right now to feel closer to gratitude?

What can I be grateful for right now?

What is the lesson or wisdom of gratitude at this moment?

What action can I take right now to let in the feeling of gratitude?

Living a life filled with gratitude is a muscle that needs to be developed. Surrendering your complaints and excuses is another muscle. I invite you to make the choice to develop these complementary muscles as a regular practice in your life.

Inviting oneself into gratitude at our most difficult times can often deliver us from resistance, from our story, from our fears. It transforms our experience from one of misery to one of hope.

Gratitude teaches us that the purpose of every moment is to love what is — to peer into divine perspective and discover the beauty all around.

If you connect to this higher purpose, of loving what is, you empower your life with new energy, perspective, passion and humility. You open yourself to the wonder, surprise, and reverie of life.

Gratitude is a catalyst to seeing the world free of resistance. From this perspective, you can allow life to be. You can allow others to be. And finally, you can finally allow yourself to just be.

Here is the process of filling your whole being with gratitude — and ultimately, with pure joy, power and love:

Invoke gratitude for everything that brings you joy

Invoke gratitude for everything you ignore

Invoke gratitude for every experience you endured in the past

Invoke gratitude for everything you resist or struggle in the present

Gratitude allows us to transform our chains into our freedom. When we fully receive and understand the truth — that we are perfect, the world is perfect, and everyone else is perfect just as they are — then we can finally be free.

Then we can finally accept the divinity, the abundance, the wisdom that we already have. That is our transformation from humanity to divinity.

Copyright 2005 Coco Fossland

About The Author
Coco Fossland

The author of the forthcoming book, The Power of Trust: Trust Yourself, Transform Your World, Coco Fossland is a nationally recognized expert in personal transformation, self-empowerment and self-healing. Blending a decade of technology and strategy consulting with her expertise in self-trust transformation, Coco’s business is focused on supporting people passionate about creating businesses that make a difference in the world. She helps her clients fuse their higher path with their businesses, creating institutions and organizations that profoundly impact the world one person at a time.

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Teaching Money To Children

by: Derrick Janson

The reason that teaching money to children is important is so they can have a head start on learning about finances which will no doubt affect their lives later on as well as now. I have a child who I want nothing but the best for and the Global Financial Crisis that happened in 2009 has made people everywhere, especially parents that we need to keep a closer guard on our finances.

I stand by teaching kids about money when they are only a few years old as it will develop their minds to become great with money management and know what money can do for them. Financial literacy for kids is critical these days and if we as parents or guardians can do all we can to educate them on good money management for kids, we are preparing them especially if another financial crisis hits our economy and that they will be well prepared.

You may be thinking, how do you go about teaching money to children? You yourself may not have a strong financial background or have any idea or how to teach kids about money. The greatest role-models that kids can have is their parents. For your kids to start to learn about money then, you will have to start learning about money as well. Today is the best time to learn about this topic and then using this information for teaching kids about money.

Where do you begin? The information highway that we call the internet is a great way to begin start to learn about teaching money to children. Books, magazines and radio programs that focus on money is also a good start. When teaching kids about money, try to do it in simple terms so they understand, don’t make it too complex. Subjects that for could search for may include budgeting for kids, saving money, earning money and how much allowances to give to your child. More complex and advanced topics could include how the economy works and how to invest wisely to receive maximum returns.

Plan how you are going to do this but make sure you make it fun for them, something they look forward to. The way your child looks at money depends on how you teach them now and also the way you teach them in the coming years.

About The Author

Derrick Janson is an expert in He has taught about topics such as allowances, budgeting, saving money and making money for kids.

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