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Video of the Week: I Know I Can

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Do You Have a Winner’s Attitude for Business?

by: Rodney Gainous, Jr.

This is a question that you need to ask yourself on a regular basis. You need to make sure that as you go on in your personal life and your business life, you try to achieve your goals with the right attitude. You need to have a winner’s attitude.

Now what is a winner’s attitude? A winner’s attitude is one that says I’m going to be persistent and have a non-stop mentality. It says I’m going to keep on regardless of the obstacles. It says nothing is going to stop me.

A winner’s attitude is one of creativity. It is one that says I will find a way to complete a task and I will use my talents, skills and resources to make things happen.

A winner’s attitude is one that takes action. It doesn’t wait forever to do something. I moves quickly and makes things happen. It is all about action and not reaction. It makes things happen.

A winner’s attitude is also about passion. It’s about finding what you like to do and doing it with all your heart. It’s about loving what you do regardless of how much work is involved because when you truly love what you do, you don’t look at it as work.

When you think about yourself, do you consider yourself a winner? If not, that’s okay because I haven’t always thought of myself as one. I use to doubt myself and my abilities. I didn’t think I was worthy of greatness but then I got over it. I started to realize that I’m more than a conqueror and that I can do all things. I got this in my spirit and never looked back.

I had to get rid of that stinkin’ thinkin’ and reprogram my thoughts. I started reading more information about entrepreneurs and business. I started listening to more CD’s about success. I stopped getting into conversations with people who weren’t trying to go anywhere. I stayed away from people who were always complaining instead of changing their situations.

I got rid of the crap in my life.

Now I’m looking for successful business people to network with. I’m looking for winners to hang out with because that’s who I am and I have a winner’s attitude. I am a winner in all aspects of my life; personally and in business.

Have I achieved all that I want to? No, but I’m on my way. I know that if I continue on the path that I’m going, I will accomplish all of my goals and so much more and so can you if you develop the winner’s attitude.

To YOUR Success,


About The Author

Rodney Gainous, Jr. is an exciting Internet Marketer who provides people with outstanding content and tips on how to succeed in the business.

To learn more about Rodney Gainous, Jr. and get tips on how to succeed in network marketing go to http://www.rodneygainousjr.com.

To learn how to get more leads for your business and build that Know, Like & Trust Factor with your prospects, go to http://knowlikeandtrustfactor.com

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