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You Can’t Be Both!

by: Suzanne Evans

I had a need to be right for a long time. Maybe about 30 years – it kept me in a job I hated, my max earning was about $50k, I had no free time, and had created a situation where I could hardly make any of my own decisions. It became clear to me that being right no longer served me. I went as far as to have the belief that I wasn’t really interested in seeking therapy or coaching. Period. I realize I was deeply afraid they might make me “wrong”.

Some people will get tired of it. They will see that holding on to assumptions, ideas, and the need to be right will not get them to their desired life. Thank God I got sick and tired and was willing to let go. Honestly, the number one reason I see entrepreneurs struggle, suffer, and often quit is holding on to the need to be right.

You cannot have a new life, more business, or growth without being willing to stretch and be called out on the BS. I have heard many mentors say it to me over the last four years, but I think it was Ali Brown that I first heard say, “Do you wanna be right or do you wanna be rich?” You can’t hold onto both desires. Growing a business, changing your life, getting clients, and making money take sacrifice.

Sacrifice is doing something you have never done to get something you have never had.

You can’t sacrifice AND need to hold onto to being right, so here’s my list of most frequently done things to sabotage your success and not make more money, help more people, and have an impact because you need to be right list! Make sure you clean this list up and move into openness, willingness, and readiness to CHANGE!

1) YES, BUT. Just remove it from your vocabulary. I have my private clients take improv class, because the #1 rule of improv is YES! Start changing the Yes, but to YES, YES! Yes, but will keep you stuck in your excuses around time, money, and knowledge.

REFRAME: YES! YES! Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly to start with!

2) I QUIT. This is always the easiest answer. It can be quick and it gets you out of pain – fast! But, guess what? Nothing changes…

REFRAME: I get exactly what I need when I need it. Is quitting going to move me closer to my dreams?

3) I DIDN’T GET WHAT I NEEDED. Blame is evil. I know – I did it. It makes us feel better when it isn’t out fault. But again, it doesn’t move us forward or change our outcomes.

REFRAME: I am 100% responsible for everything that happens – good, bad or in between.

4) THERE ISN’T ENOUGH (Time, Money, Resources, Help). When we are working from lack we get lack.

REFRAME: Everything I need is already present. And there is more than enough.

5) THAT HURT MY FEELINGS or I DON’T LIKE HOW THAT MADE ME FEEL. Feelings are choices, so when we choose hurt or negativity we then send that energy out into a ripple effect through the world.

REFRAME: I choose how I feel about everything. No one can make me feel anything. That is my choice. So, if I am offended the offense is within me.

6) NOT LISTENING. Many of you are working with coaches or in programs, but not willing to really do what is required of you or fully listen to their guidance.

REFRAME: I have chosen this person or this path for a reason and I am willing to do what is required even if I don’t understand how or it might make me wrong.

When we step up to self-responsibility in all we do, we eliminate the need to be right. We eliminate the fear of sacrifice. To truly help more people you have to be willing to help yourself. To be the change in the world, you have to change. And it starts with being ok with letting go. If we can let go of being right and not care who gets the credit then we can change the world over and over and over again.

About The Author

Suzanne Evans is best known as the ‘action expert’ and has coached hundreds of solopreneurs to model her multiple six figure business. Learn how you can help more people, make more money and have more fun doing what you love by signing up for your free copy of the 5-Part Mini-Course ‘Awakening Your Authentic Entrepreneur’ at

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by: Paul Babs

Success has come to mean many things to people in today’s changing society, but certain aspects of it remain fundamentally the same. Success whether it be financial, emotional, physical, emotional, or spiritual, involves achievement and a sense of accomplishment and the positive happy feelings associated with creating. Success that is based upon emotional and spiritual wellness, has a center and focus that allows a person to feel in control of their own choices and attitudes on a daily basis, which can both empower them and bring them happiness and joy.

One of the first steps in being successful is setting goals for yourself. In doing this, one of the most important things is to truly allow yourself to dream and come up with ideas and feelings that bring you joy and happiness, so that you can ultimately work towards and receive the benefits that you truly desire in life. It is only you who can limit yourself. This kind of positivity is very hard for most people to embrace.

They are generally swept up in patterns, age-old habits, fears, superstitions, doubts, and concerned with fitting in to the status quo etc of their respective cultures, that they do not dare to truly dream. Dreaming is the first and most important part of being successful. When you allow yourself to dream, you create in yourself the first seeds of that dream coming to fruition. You dare to allow yourself to live that dream. That is the most powerful gift you can ever give yourself: believing in yourself.

Having created that feeling state of happiness, abundance, prosperity, and satisfaction that you desire within you, you can now outline your vision into concrete goals. Writing down your goals, reading them, re-reading them to yourself, repeating them to your friends, colleagues, family, spouse, children and other loved ones, speaking them aloud to yourself, and always keeping your goals close to you, brings them into fruition a lot faster than you would realize. In sending out your heart’s desire with focus and determination and positivity, you are sending the seeds of your desire into the world to germinate and flower. You are harnessing the great power and energy of the universe to bring your desire into being.

To achieve your goals, you have to work, sacrifice, and persist. You have to make choices. If there is someone that you admire, study them carefully. See what qualities they possess that you would like to emulate. Believe in yourself and be willing to adapt, to change your thought processes, and above all, yourself.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to write your goals down. Only 3% of the world’s population writes down goals, of which only 1% write down goals daily! Why not be in that elite one percent if that will bring your heart’s desires? If you constantly visualize the attainment of your goals and dreams, you will not only achieve your goals, but you will fully reach the potential you set for yourself.

About The Author

Paul Babs is the owner of Ventures Expo which deals with all success issues.For more information, go to:

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The Importance Of Optimism!

by: Dan Floros

In our last article, high achievers were simply defined as having a predisposition towards perpetual action. To begin and see through what they resolved to do, no matter what.

This leads one to ponder the reasons why so few act. What separates the doers from the rest of the pack? Extensive research points to the reasons why winners keep winning.

Winners think optimistically, no matter what!

There is this law, the First Law of Thermodynamics that we must understand. Put simply, the law states that everything in our Universe tends towards chaos.

Businesses will fail, investments will make losses, relationships from time-to-time will prove challenging. I read somewhere recently that the average self-made millionaire goes close to or becomes bankrupt on average, 3.2 times. Isn’t that amazing?

Optimism allows us to move on, despite our setbacks, despite our bruises. There are no failures if we learn and decide to bounce back from such obstacles. Failures are only failures if we decide to remain defeated..

The word “optimism” gives us some more clues here. “Opt” equates to choice. Each one of us has a choice, to see things pessimistically (glass half empty) or optimistically (half full).

In 480 BC, a brave band of 300 Spartans decided to defend democracy at the pass of Thermopylae against a force of 200,000 Persians. The Persian general, Hidarnes warned his Spartan counterpart Leonidas, that his army’s arrows would be so thick that they would block out the sunlight. Leonidas welcomed the dilemma, answering that his men would happily fight in the shade! The Spartans held the pass long enough to later thwart the Persian advance at Platea. Optimism.

Winners are winners because they have embraced failure. It’s not what happens to them that determines their rewards. It’s how they perceive events.

Martin Seligman, in his latest offering. “Learned Optimism” states that champions view negative events as being one off incidents, whereas losers think of them as being permanent and pervasive, here to stay. Losers allow setbacks to affect them long term, thus nullifying future attempts to move forward.

So what if you have made mistakes in the past. Hey, welcome to the species: Homo sapiens. We all fall on the side of error. Embrace life’s challenges and its associated setbacks. How else do you think you will grow? How else would you learn? Be grateful.

Key Questions:

The most important conversation you will ever have is that with YOURSELF. What are you saying to yourself? Ninety-five percent of what happens to you depends on it.

Even more importantly, what are you exposing your mind to? The incoming noises from people, media, the environment – what messages are they delivering? Are they negative or positive?

Get out off negative situations, negative people, and the negative news. Start feeding your mind with positive nutrients. Good books, programs, events, most importantly people. Eagles don’t fly with turkeys.

About The Author

Dan Floros is the world’s leading guru on clarity, focus, and simplicity. He is a highly sought after keynote speaker and seminar leader in his capacity as chairman of Sydney and Dubai based Dan Floros International. His organization specializes in the development of human potential at both the personal and corporate level through fundamental success principles, unbreakable universal laws, together with time proven strategies that cut through complexity and deliver meaningful! As a result of his insights, individuals are able to identify and achieve their goals with speed and precision by thinking “outside the square”