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Photo of the Week: National Coffee Day


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8 Home Based Business Ideas For Men

by: Cynthia Minnaar

It is not just Moms who are looking for ways to earn from home but many men want to work at home too. The reasons they are looking for home based business ideas for men are varied. This could be because they have either been retrenched, want to replace their jobs with a home business or would like to supplement their income.

In this article we take a look at 8 home based business ideas for men.

1. Get involved in affiliate marketing and make use of the Internet to sell other people’s products.

With affiliate marketing you can get paid for getting leads as well as get paid by the click. Another way to make money is by recruiting affiliates in two-tier affiliate programs where you will get paid a commission on the products your recruits sell.

2. Have you thought of consulting? Using your expertise you can teach other people who will pay you for consulting if it helps them accomplish things they need done.

3. Start repairing cars at home. You can build a competitive business working out of your own garage and this can be personally enjoyable as well as very profitable.

4. Get involved in direct sales. It is not only women who get involved with direct sales companies. Men are also selling Amway, Tupperware, Avon, Herbalife and other direct sales products.

5. Start a day care centre for children. A day care business is not just for women. Many stay at home Dads these days are taking care of other people�s children.

6. Start an online network marketing business. There are many to choose from and the Internet makes it much easier to build a business from home. It is not uncommon for men to work with their wives and build their business as a team which is also a good way to do it.

7. Get involved in Joint Ventures. If you are working online look for other Internet marketers and do a joint venture together. You may be able to combine your particular skill or interest with that of another person to build a successful online business.

8. Make money freelance writing on the Internet. Writing ebooks and selling them on ClickBank or Amazon is very popular right now. Writing for other Internet marketers as an article writer or a blog writer can be extremely lucrative.

If you have a flair for writing the big money is in copywriting and you will find courses online to help you with this.

The above are 8 home based business ideas for men. Thanks to the Internet both men and women can now get involved in the same businesses, so some of the above will overlap.

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Video of the Week: We Are Here

I love this song! Yes, I’m a fan of Alicia Keys. She is also my sorority sister. Yet, my reasons for liking the song are much deeper than either one of these reasons. I firmly believe that more people need to know why they were born. I believe that the world will be a better place when more of us truly realize why they are here.

Teaching Kids to Brush Their Teeth

by: Dana Mulder

Kids in general either hate brushing their teeth or they simply couldn’t care less. However, it is important to teach your kids how to brush their teeth to avoid dental and other health problems. With a little patience, creativity, and a handy tool, you should be able to get your kids to brush their teeth in no time.

For preschoolers

It’s relatively easy to teach preschoolers, as long as it’s fun for them and is done through rhythm and rhyme. Let your kids know that there are germs that we can’t see living on their teeth and it’s important to get rid of them. You can even make a song about teeth brushing.

When teaching your kids how to brush their teeth, first show them the proper way to go about it. Once you have demonstrated the up and down, round and round process of brushing teeth, hand your kids their brushes and let them try. Use a safe kids’ step stool to help them reach the sink. Choose one that is self-retracting so that when your kids are done using the sink, the step stool automatically retracts underneath the sink and out of adults’ way. Once they are able to do the whole brushing process themselves, make the event and exciting and joyous one. Clap and cheer for your kids. Tell your other family members how good the kids were and have them cheer for the children as well. Have your kids show other family members how they too can brush their teeth.

Things to do:
*Show your kids how excited you are about brushing, and get even more excited when they brush.
*Make brushing a fun experience.
*Ask them to show you how well they can brush their teeth.
*Make it a point to show other family members how good the kids can brush their teeth.

For Grades K-3rd

Kids this age learn things through presentation and repetition. Offer your kids to watch you as you brush your teeth, explaining things as you go along. Come up with creative analogies: “Plaques are invisible bugs that eat away at your teeth. The only way to get rid of them is to brush your teeth.”

Things to do:
1. Regularly offer your kids to watch yourself brushing.
2. Be consistent with brushing times.
3. Come up with creative analogies or explanations about brushing teeth.

Grades 4th-6th

At this age, there is no better way to effectively teach your kids to brush their teeth than to show them what happens when a person does not brush his/her teeth. Gather pictures of people’s teeth the have serious decay. Or better, get pictures of people with rotten teeth. During your visits to the dentist, teach your kids about proper brushing by asking for pictures of people who do not brush their teeth and explaining to them, “This is what happens to people who do not brush their teeth.”

You can also add that there are health risks when they do not brush their teeth. Some of these include gum diseases such as gingivitis (swollen or inflamed gums), peritonitis, gum infections, bone destruction, and tooth loss. It has even been found that gum disease is a likely risk factor for heart disease and stroke for adults.

Things to do:
*Ask your dentist to share stories, pictures and information of the hazards of not brushing teeth.

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Video of the Week: Feel Happy & Be Fabulous!

4 Ways to Handle Change Better


I didn’t feel this way at first, but I learned to accept my obstacle as an opportunity to make a difference. Prayer and the quote above helped me to overcome my initial reaction to a change in my career. I loved being the Dean of Students last year, but my position changed to Instructional Facilitator this school year.

I felt overwhelmed every time I thought about learning a new job! I was also frustrated and confused! No matter how successful I’ve been at performing my job, my title has changed shortly afterwards! This one was harder for me to accept: I was in my comfort zone, and I envisioned growing in that position.

It took reading a book by Spencer Johnson, M.D., to truly change my “stinking thinking” and embrace the change! I have already learned so much in my new position. I have a better understanding of why God continues to change me and add to my resume’! He knows what’s best, and I will trust in His promises. Now, let me help you.

Here are four ways to handle change better: (adapted from “Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life”)

1. Recognize that you may have been distracted by comfort.
2. Don’t allow the thought of change to paralyze you with fear!
3. Understand that your reaction to change impacts the change.
4. Tackle what is immediately in front of you, and keep it moving!

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