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Photo of the Week: The Inevitables of Success


Success is not easy! Sometimes, we forget that it’s going to cost us something. There are several things that we must do, learn, remember, struggle with, and overcome to reach our goals. It’s easy to forget, but success comes with a price. In the end, however, it will be worth it all! What have you realized about your success? Please comment.

Video of the Week: Juicing


The juicing craze is on! As I continue my journey to better health, I am considering juicing. Experts claim that juicing has numerous benefits. I like many vegetables, but I could eat them more than I actually do. However, I don’t eat fruit on a regular basis. See. I only really like two (pineapple and grapefruit). I do know that is unhealthy, and I need to do better.

My mom insists that juicing will fulfill my need to digest more fruit and vegetables. My body could use more nutrients, and three glasses per day doesn’t seem like too much. It’s the cleaning of the blender that has kept me from diving into the juicing craze! Just the mere thought of all that work each day seemed to be a bit much.

When I started thinking about sickness and disease, I guess cleaning a blender pales in comparison. I want to be healthier, which means that I need to get rid of toxins. I also need a better nutritional balance to improve my tissues, oxygen, and blood. I have come to the conclusion that a healthier lifestyle won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

if you want a healthier lifestyle too, check out this video:

Here are some recipes:

Transform from Convinced to Committed


It’s so easy to get caught up, but emotions won’t carry you over! I wouldn’t have started exercising if I had not transformed my life! I was discussing this with a friend on Monday. He mentioned that he knows eating healthy and exercising are beneficial. His problem is actually doing what he knows is the best thing for him! I assured him that he is not alone!

Many people have the same issue whether it pertains to exercise, righteous living, studying, or relationships. It’s one thing to be convinced that you need to do better, but it’s another thing to actually do better! I, too, was like my friend and others. I was convinced that I needed a healthier lifestyle, but I failed to develop one. That started to bother me.

I could not understand how I have achieved so much in life, but I could not maintain a healthier lifestyle. I searched for answers because I didn’t ever want to get back on high blood pressure medicine. God has delivered me, and I don’t want to be bound! Of course, I had a few high blood pressure scares to decide that knowing better is not enough.

I prayed, and I searched…until I found the answer. I read, “Commit to Regular Exercise,” by Pastor Rick Warren. This has changed my life: I have transformed from being convinced to being committed! I realize that knowing better will not change anything! I had to decide to do better, and I had to make a commitment that I would take better care of my temple.

I joined a health and fitness center, and I make a concerted effort to exercise daily. I also pay closer attention to eating healthier and drinking more water. Developing a healthier lifestyle is helping me in other areas of my life! None of this would be possible without having a determined mind and acting upon that.

You can transform your life too by making a commitment to those things which you are convinced.

Photo of the Week: How to Build Wealth


20 Simple Ways to Prettier Feet for Summer


I’ve had enough! People have consistently told me that I have pretty feet, but I need to add more color! See, I have basically gotten the natural look on my fingernails and toenails. I felt more comfortable and less “flashy.” I finally decided to be more adventurous! Why? I feel like it’s time to leave my comfort level and be bold!

Wow! I loved the color polish so much that I recently added glitter! Of course, I didn’t do it. I visited the nail salon, and the guy did an excellent job. My friends insist that I could do the same, but I am not comfortable with doing my own nails. Yes, I’ve tried it! It hasn’t turned out so well, but I am willing to try again. I’ve been reading articles and watching videos.

Summer is the perfect time to have prettier feet! Sandals look much better when our feet look better. So, I think I might give it a try! I will read more do-it-yourself articles and watch more videos to take better care of my feet between salon visits. Watch the video below and share it with someone who might want prettier feet this summer.

15 Ways to Know When People Are Fooling

Juneteenth logo

As many African Americans celebrate Juneteenth, it makes me wonder how the former slaves in Texas felt about being fooled. Despite it’s dark history, fooling people didn’t start with slavery! There are so many scriptures on being foolish; so, that means it is a common problem. I guess “everybody plays the fool” once!

If you keep on playing, you’re just a fool! Is that cool? I thought honesty was supposed to be the rule! What happened? Some people have lied so much that I don’t even think they know the difference any more. So, how are we supposed to know when they are lying or telling the truth? If they’re liars, we can just watch their mouths!

Prov. 18:7 says, “A fool’s mouth is his undoing, and his lips are a snare to his soul.” When their mouths are moving, they’re fooling! So, we just need to move around! Keep it moving, moving! We can be free as long as we choose to be! Here are 15 ways to know when people are just fooling:

1. They say that they love you, but you only know what that sounds like…!
2. They love your family, but they always find an excuse not to be around them…!
3. They love the Lord, but the only God you hear them say is with a curse word…!
4. They say that they’re a Christian, but they never wanna do anything Christ-like…!
5. They say that they love their spouse, but they always wanna come to your house…!
6. They say that they love their children, but they never want to spend time with them …!
7. They say that they/we should move on, but they won’t leave you alone…!
8. They’re single & always talk about getting together, but they NEVER make a move…!
9. Someone keeps hanging up in your face but not theirs…!
10. They say that their friends like you, but they all leave when you come around…!
11. They say, “I wasn’t texting or trying to call anyone,” but you heard it…!
12. They ask you what you wanna do, but they always do what they wanna do…!
13. Their wallet/purse is left at home EVERY time you go somewhere…!
14. Something is always wrong with their car when it’s their time to drive…!
15. They say that they’ll only be there for a few days, but they’ve been there for months…!

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.-Chinese Proverb

Photo of the Week: New Grad’s Guide to Personal Finance


Video of the Week: Life Hacks


This is an excellent quote, and it reminds me so much of my father! I am thinking of him this weekend and all of the lessons he has taught me! He would often stress the importance of doing things well on a daily basis, which develops good habits. When I saw this video, I remembered many of the “life hacks” that he shared. After watching the video below, share this post with someone else who had an amazing father:

3 Lessons From My Father


I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to Father’s Day! God has blessed me with an awesome father! Sometimes, I call him daddy; other times I say, “Big C”! Ok. The “Big C” is used with my siblings. Sometimes, he calls me “Baby Girl”; other times he’ll just say “Connie”. He has taught me so many lessons; I’ll just name three.

He taught me how to be diligent and dedicated: He was the spiritual leader of our household, a teacher, and a provider. I know what to expect and tolerate. My father also taught me the importance of having a good name. I can’t go many places-far or near-without someone asking, “Are you related to Rev. Stevenson?” That’s always a proud moment for me!

He is known as a superintendent, a pastor, a preacher’s preacher, a community leader, and a friend to all. Most importantly, he is known as a family man and a godly father. He taught me what love looks like: He loved our mother and treated her like an angel until she became one! His love for her showed me how a man should treat his lady!

I will always love and appreciate him for that! His patience with four “stair-step” children was amazing, and I use many of his sayings, etc. with my students. If anyone wants to know the definition of a good man, he is the epitome! He is such a wonderful father, and I am thankful for him. His lessons have been powerful, and they will always remain with me.

What are some lessons that you learned from your father? Please share.

I challenge all fathers to take The Fatherhood Pledge.

Photo of the Week: Men’s Health Month


Click here for more information on Black men and prostate cancer.