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Famous Bruce Lee Quotes To Motivate You To Succeed

by: Michael Lee

Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial artists of all time, but you’d be surprised at how some of the most famous Bruce Lee quotes have more to do with achieving success than they have with martial arts itself!

In fact, many speakers (especially his diehard fans) have a habit of quoting this famous martial artist time and again. Be inspired by these famous motivational quotes from a legend!

Bruce Lee Quote # 1: “Notice that stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”

If you want to succeed in life, you need to be more like the bamboo or the willow. Be open-minded and embrace change. By refusing to be flexible, you are most definitely shunning away any room for growth.

Say your company has been taken over by a new management with new policies. Are you really going to raise hell over the change just because you refuse to adapt; or do you want to keep your job? Don’t let your stubbornness get in the way.

Bruce Lee Quote # 2: “Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

This particular statement has been proven true time and time again. Even Leonardo da Vinci said that “the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.”

Sometimes, we over think our problems and as a result, fail to see that the solution is right in front of us. Don’t fall into the same trap that a lot of people do. Get your head out of the gutter and adopt a simple perspective.

Bruce Lee Quote # 3: “As you think, so shall you become.”

There is something very serene and meditative about this famous inspirational quote, isn’t there? Whenever I feel disappointed with myself, I repeat this mantra quietly over and over again while focusing on what I want to be like.

I close my eyes and imagine myself to be successful and confident at work. In just five minutes, I feel loads better already. This is the power of positive thinking. It’s as if Bruce Lee himself spoke to me and gave me that piece of advice!

These famous Bruce Lee quotes are quite motivating, aren’t they? They have definitely helped me get through a lot of obstacles in my life. Whether at home or at work, these quotes have definitely changed the way I see things. I hope they do the same for you.

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Photo of the Week: Practice Tolerance

Character. Acceptance. Tolerance. Charity. These are important words that are often used without much regard, and that needs to change! It should not matter how much a person donates to charity. If his character defies the organization’s mission, his money should not be accepted. I know that’s easier said than done, but it gives the impression of being “bought.” I know the struggle is real, but we must heal!

We need less racism as well as other forms of hatred:


Because (like it or not)…

How to Care for an Elderly Person or Senior

by: Starlet Nicole

It is not always easy caring for an elderly person. Their physical condition, health issues and their emotional state can present challenges for you, the caregiver. There are no doubts that caring for an elderly person is admirable, but it certainly comes with stress and at times can be overwhelming.

Far too many people feel guilty that they can not care for an elderly person on their own. Life presents far too many challenges and more often than not raising a family, paying into a mortgage and keeping food on the table can be challenging enough let alone adding to this caring for an elderly loved one. Although this can be challenging, it is not impossible. Preparing yourself and your family members for the transition is essential in order to make this work well.

Physical Considerations

Get informed about the physical needs of your loved one. Talk to the doctor and to anyone else who may have the wisdom and knowledge to help you care for the elderly member of your family. Know what to expect, what medications are required. Using services provided by a certified in-home caregiver from a professional agency can assist you in times that you need that extra help.

Keeping all important information in one file is important and this includes all medical information including test results, names and phone numbers of doctors, appointment dates, hospital cards, and insurance information. If your loved one is taking a lot of medications, make a chart to help keep track of what medication is to be taken and when.

Always be sure the home is safe. If your loved one uses a walker be sure throw rugs are secure, and there are no obstacles for them to trip over. Install safety railings should this help. If your loved one can get confused at times, it’s also a good safety precaution to have a baby gate positioned high enough in the door frame at staircases so that they can not fall down.

Emotional Considerations

Spending time caring for the elderly does not have to be all about taking care of their personal needs. Spend time asking them about their life. Everyone has stories to share about their life and some seniors have great experiences to share.

Teach an elderly person about the Internet. Many elderly people are nervous about computers and teaching them about all the amazing benefits of the Internet can spark new life in the person you are caring for.

The brain likes to stay active and no better way to do this than to play word games, crossword puzzles or even some board games such as Scrabble.

Always remember to be understanding because as we get older we tend to be very set in our ways and this means being stubborn at times. If the person you are caring for is being very stubborn and it is not a big issue, let it go. If the stubbornness is over something that is not negotiable it’s much easier to handle and you’ll have much less stress when you know to expect it.

When you have all the tools you need, it will make caring for the elderly much easier.

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Starlet is professional author for GC Nexus Group, Elderly Caregivers Agency help in finding professional caregivers throughout Montreal and Toronto in Canada. GC Nexus offers Live in Caregivers Canada, senior caregiver and elderly home care services for your parents and spouses by professionals.

4 Excellent Webinars in April 2014


Spring Cleaning! It’s something that I know needs to be done, but I hate it! That’s similar to cleaning up our finances. To improve our lifestyles, improving our finances is a necessary evil. If you want to learn more about cleaning up your finances, read “Give Your Personal Finances A Spring Cleaning, Too.” Changing our thinking is critical for spring cleaning our homes as well as our finances!

Here are some excellent webinars that the Consumer Credit Counseling Service is offering this month:

Conquering Credit Scores & ReportsRegister
Start Time: 1/28/2014 7:00 PM
End Time: 1/28/2014 8:00 PM
Time Zone: CDT (some parts of US, Canada, and Mexico)
Conquering Credit Reports and Scores will help you deal with ordinary and extraordinary credit issues that face every consumer. This webinar will help you get the credit you deserve. Learn how to read your credit report, understand the FICO credit scoring model and the impact of your payment history and credit utilization ratio on your credit score, and gain valuable insight about how to improve and maintain good credit and become debt-free.

Game Plan-Financial Traits of Successful PeopleRegister
Start Time: 1/29/2014 12:30 PM
End Time: 1/29/2014 1:30 PM
Time Zone: CDT (some parts of US, Canada, and Mexico)
Many people mistakenly think it takes a high income to build wealth or accomplish goals. Often, we are surrounded by invisible millionaires due to the surprisingly frugal choices they make. We will share what makes them successful.

Wheels You Can Afford: How to Buy a CarRegister
Start Time: 1/29/2014 7:30 PM
End Time: 1/29/2014 8:30 PM
Time Zone: CDT (some parts of US, Canada, and Mexico)
Cars are often the second largest expense we have. Car-buying can often be a frustrating process. We’ll talk buy vs lease, new vs old, what you really need out of a car, how to know a car is reliable, & all of the expenses involved with driving.

Alternatives to Pay Day LoansRegister
Start Time: 1/29/2014 9:00 PM
End Time: 1/29/2014 10:00 PM
Time Zone: CDT (some parts of US, Canada, and Mexico)
You feel like you’re in a financial crisis. You need money – NOW. Is it time to visit the payday lender down the street? Hopefully the answer is NO, but we’re going to cover all of the alternatives, and help you evaluate every option before going to a drastic (and expensive) one such as that. We’ll also talk about the costs and ramifications for those who do start down the path of payday loans.

Source: Consumer Credit Counseling Service

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Photo of the Week: How to Tip


Click here to read more about tipping.

Video of the Week: Praise!


Good Friday always reminds me that it’s not over until God says it’s over! There is always hope! I am posting this video to celebrate this special day and to share a young boy’s powerful testimony. I hope you will continue to give God the glory and honor that is due Him. Enjoy today as well as your Easter!

How do you praise God for dying and being resurrected for us?

7 Reasons to Improve Your Life


Access to wonderful quotes is one of the benefits of the Internet. Facebook finally added something new that I can appreciate! The ability to edit posts and comments is the best feature on Facebook! As a former English teacher, I hate making grammatical errors! I love the new feature, and I’ve wondered why more people don’t use it.

I finally realized something: How can you correct something if you don’t know it’s incorrect?! Some people might call me a perfectionist because I constantly evaluate and reevaluate everything! Yes, I look for ways to improve (even my Facebook posts)! I don’t always meet my expectations, but I keep trying!

I’ve learned that most of us fall short at different times in our lives. In the words of Adam Schefter, an ESPN analyst, “What people expect rarely is.” He wrote this, contrasting some NFL teams’ pre-season predictions against some of their (early season) results. Do NFL owners give up on their organizations? No.

They continue to change coaches, players, and general managers in an effort to improve their teams. We should have the same mindset! If something is not working, we should do what it takes to make our lives better! When something needs just a little tweaking, we should not miss the opportunities to grow. I hope to motivate you with this post.

Here are seven reasons to improve your life:

1. You will add more excitement to your life! Learning and doing new things stimulates your mind, body, and soul.

2. You will accomplish more of your goals. Not only will your personal satisfaction increase, but your winning attitude will also improve.

3. You will learn to trust in your vision. As you continue to make advances towards fulfilling it, you can visualize the end result.

4. You will motivate others. Friends and family are frequently motivated to change when they see changes in their loved ones.

5. You will assist more people. Your experiences enable you to help people from all walks of life overcome their barriers.

6. You will gain valuable lessons. These lessons will prepare you for the next challenges in life.

7. You will help improve your community. Organizations and institutions are not effective because there are too many stagnant people.

Are you willing to do what it takes to become great?

Photo of the Week: National Volunteer Month


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5 Great Websites for Grill Recipes

by: Jenny Khoo

You have found the perfect grill, selected the tools you want to use when grilling and chosen a reason to fire up your new grill. The new burning question on your mind is, “What should I cook?” There are many, many websites on the internet that have barbeque recipes and searching through all of them is time consuming. Listed below are five fantastic websites that you will find yourself going to time and time again for culinary inspiration. Peruse the sites yourself and add them to your favorites. You will not be sorry that you did.

This particular website has a specific tab located at the top of the home page that concerns all things grilling related. Alton Brown offers a crash course on barbecue basics, including a video called “How to Grill Like a Pro.” If you are already familiar with the basic aspects of cooking on a grill, you can skip that part and head right to Bobby Flay’s section that includes his ten best recipes. The website includes different toppings for hotdogs and choosing vegetables that are in season to keep your meals fresh and interesting. If you are tired of the same old pasta salads that you have been making for years, the site offers 100 pasta salad recipes as well. Food Network’s site is full of fun and inspirational techniques and recipes to keep you grilling all year long.

There is a tab at the top of the homepage that is labeled “Food and Recipes.” If you click on this tab, you will be brought to a page that has a search box for the recipes. Typing “Grill” into the search section yields 78 results. The recipes include everything from chicken to grilled banana splits. This is a versatile site that is user friendly.

At the upper right hand side of this site there is a search engine. You can choose to search the whole site or simply the recipes by clicking on the recipes tab over the search box. Simply typing the word “barbecue” into the search field yielded 584 recipes… There is also an advanced search option that allows the user to select the different ingredients that they want to use. For example, clicking on the boxes for “beef”, “all vegetables”, and burgers brings up 19 results to choose from. This is a great way to use what you already have to prepare a fun meal.

This website is run by “Barbecue Bob” Quinn and is brimming with information on all things barbecue. There are sauce recipes, food recipes, articles and videos. This is a fantastic page and includes recipes such as a tomato less barbecue sauce, barbecued duck and many other inventive and interesting recipes.

This is a recipe search engine that will direct you to many other sites online. They are sponsored websites so the results of the search word “grilling” will bring you to sites such as Hebrew National and Kraft as well as specific websites devoted to grilling. This is a great site to use to add to your recipe collection, but to find what you want may take some time due to having so many choices of links to explore.

Wherever you begin your search for the perfect barbecue recipes, you will definitely find a plethora of options on any of these five sites. The most difficult part will be which technique to try first.

3 Reasons to Show Compassion


“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors,” said Tia Walker. Walker is the author of “The Inspired Caregiver: Finding Joy While Caring for Those You Love.” It’s not just that Walker wrote a good book! Some people may doubt this, but the Bible mentions our responsibility to the elderly more than five times.

Leviticus 19:32 says, “You shall rise up before the grayheaded and honor the aged, and you shall revere your God; I am the LORD.” This scripture has special meaning to me; so, I cherish the elderly. Consequently, I always look for ways to help them. I have sponsored an “Adopt A Senior Week” at my church, and I look for ways to help strangers.

Although some elderly people have had difficulty accepting my kindness, I have paid for their groceries and more. The McDonald’s staff had to convince a lady to let me pay for her coffee. Despite my best efforts, some elderly people have refused to accept help from a stranger. I can understand that; so, it has not discouraged me.

When I was at a local store last week, a senior citizen was struggling to walk. I was at the register, but allowed him to go ahead of me. As he was walking out of the store, he looked like he would fall. I left my cart to escort him to his vehicle. As tears rolled down his face, he told me that he had a broken hip! I am grateful that I was moved with compassion, like Jesus.

This motivated one of the workers to help me with him. When I read the reactions that some people had about a homeless mother recently, I was saddened. Some people simply don’t understand or choose to ignore that we need to help others. Most of you only need someone to encourage you to keep up the great work! Let me help everyone.

Here are three reasons to show compassion:
1. We are instructed to do it! I Timothy 5:1-2 says, “Rebuke not an elder, but intreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren; The elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity.”

2. It is beneficial to you and the recipient. Researchers have found that showing compassion to others is as rewarding as personal gratification.

3. It will help the world become a better place! I am convinced that society would change if more people would obey Luke 6:31: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

What are you doing to show compassion? Please comment.