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3 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month


BLACK CENTRAL reported, “There’s no way around it. The Black community is facing crisis. We know the headlines. Black unemployment is at its highest, and climbing. Our health, education, and economic statistics continue to occupy the bottom rung on any ladder to success. The truth is, we can turn this around with our buying power!”

“Our collective income has reached $1 trillion a year, but only 2-to-5 percent of that reaches Black-owned businesses today. Studies show that when Black businesses thrive, so do Black communities,” according to BLACK CENTRAL. I challenge you to support local black owned businesses, buy from online black businesses, and/or start your own black businesses.

How will you celebrate our heritage this month? Please comment.

Photo of the Week: Never Quit!


Have you ever been so inspired by a teenager? I admired Gabby Douglas for making history in the 2012 Olympics; however, I didn’t know her story. I had read about some of her challenges, but watching the details of her life story was overwhelming! I was amazed at her vision, her determination, and her exceptional talent!

While some adults are afraid to leave their homes, churches, jobs, etc., Gabby Douglas left home at 14. Her bravery really touched me, and I am committed to overcoming some of my fears. Finally, I was impressed that she gave God the glory after her victory. Read more about her faith. I challenge you to be like Gabby Douglas: Never quit!