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How to Keep Believing


Have you ever wanted something so badly, but it was delayed? Lyell Rader said, “If you can’t pray a door open, don’t pry it open.” Some things are not good for us or not good for us right now! If God doesn’t answer the way we want Him to, we should thank Him! He’s our Father, and He knows best! The waiting is what can get some of us in a mess! We’re tempted to take matters into our own hands!

Yes, I have had to pass this same test! Be encouraged and stand! I’ve learned that no matter how long it takes, you must never let your heart lose faith! I waited seven years before I got a promotion! After working only a few months, I understood why God delayed my career advancement. Not only did I not like being an administrator, but I also promised I wouldn’t do it again! Fate intervened! When asked to be an administrator again, I knew it was my destiny.

The house that the owner gave me a hard time during negotiations was much smaller than the house I eventually purchased. This reminds me of Jennifer Hudson buying her assistant a house. I don’t know if he previously attempted to buy a house or his financial situation. I do know that she stated that he has been by her side since elementary school; so, he was rewarded for his faithful friendship.

I am convinced that part of reaching our destinies includes giving to others. My life and my family’s legacy is based upon giving, which makes it easy for me to write about. There are many benefits to giving, and I wrote about some of them in a previous post. Your reward might not come when you want it, but it is always on time! What looks denied is often just delayed! Just keep believing!

What is one thing that believing has helped you to achieve? Please comment.

Photo of the Week: Do Your Best!


Are you in alignment, or do you need an alignment? Here are some tips on how to achieve your goals and doing your best. Please comment.

Top Stop Eating Money Posts of 2013


Reflection is good for the soul and paves the way for the future! Although Stop Eating Money was recently created, I have been sharing my experiences and tips for a long time. I was born to teach; now, I am an awakener! In May 2013, I started posting stories and sharing them with people on Facebook as well as Twitter. I understand that people have countless things to do; so, I am grateful to all of my supporters.

I published more than 100 stories in 2013, and I am pleased that readers were focused primarily on making changes, saving, and giving honor! Why? Those issues are part of my mission to change perceptions, improve decision-making, and enhance money management skills. Thank you for liking, commenting, and/or sharing my posts. If you missed any of them, here’s a list of stories that readers enjoyed the most in 2013:

10. Hair-raiser: 3 Money Saving Tips!
On my natural hair journey, I discovered three tips that might help you. It’s not easy, but I am proud that I have lasted longer than my previous attempts to get rid of my relaxer!

9. What You Should Know about Auto Insurance
After two major car accidents, I share what I learned about auto insurance. Here are some facts you should know.

8. Video: Turn Your Hobby Into A Business
Would you like to earn money doing something that you love (although you’d still do it for free)? Read and watch the interesting video for tips.

7. Truth and Lies about Adoption
The adoption process has numerous myths. If you are considering adoption, be sure that you know the truth.

6. Video: Watch Me Now!
Have you considered buying a smartwatch? Find what works for you.

5. 3 Signs You Are Obsessed with Gaming
As a former gamer, I needed to establish the difference between obsession and addiction. I also shared the signs of addiction for those who are not sure of your gamer status.

4. Man of Honor-December (3 of 3)
Did you know that honoring others honors you? I created different series to honor people from all walks of life, but the one on Dr. Israel R. Kabashiki was viewed the most.

3. Photo of the Week: Stress
Have you experienced good stress as well as bad stress? Learn how to reduce negative stress.

2. 3 Things to Consider in 2014
In order to change, some things cannot remain the same. What will you do differently in 2014?

1. How Eating More Fruit Helps Everyone
I was amazed that so many people could relate to my comparison of eating more fruit and enjoying more fruit of the spirit. Discover how both can help everyone.

What has been your favorite post? Please comment.

Photo of the Week: Happy New Year!


Due to your amazing support, I have shattered my goals! As part of my destiny, God led me on this journey in May of this year. I had no idea how my efforts to enlighten others would be received! I am happy to let you know that I continue to gain new followers everyday!

Will you help me keep up the momentum? With your help, I can change more perceptions, help improve decision-making, and enhance money management skills. Please “Like” my Facebook Fan Page, Stop Eating Money. Happy New Year!

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