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Hair-raiser: 3 Money Saving Tips!


Do you believe the third times’s the charm? I am hoping that my third attempt to go “natural” will be more successful than my previous attempts. I think this may be it! After making it past four months this time, I plan to stick with it until I have overcome. I believe it will transform my life as well as my finances.

I have never liked getting a relaxer, and, more importantly, I have never liked to waste my money! I didn’t consider getting my hair “touched up” as eating money. I just know that it is less expensive to wear my hair in its natural state! Although many “naptural” sisters have advised me of the maintenance challenges, I am looking forward to conquering them.

See. I have never really known how to properly maintain my hair. So, I have always visited a salon on a regular basis. Since starting my hair transformation, I have already begun to save money. I have purchased several wigs and hair bands, but that spending does not compare to my salon’s prices for relaxers. Would you like to know how to keep more of your change?

Here are three money saving tips:

  • Consider doing your own hair. I have not mastered this, but I will learn how to maintain my hair because natural hair saves money.
  • Use natural ingredients. I have tried several herbs and oils, and I love how my hair feels already!
  • Do your research about going natural and other options for your hair. Reading about the hair journeys of others has saved me a lot of time, money, and heartache.

    Do you have any other money saving tips for our hair? Please comment.

    Photo of the Week: Ordered Steps


    Regardless of what is happening in your career, your steps are ordered! You can also trust that there is no financial situation too difficult for God! If you are not convinced that your steps are ordered, read this.

    Video: Turn Your Hobby Into A Business


    Expert Business Coach Joyce K. Reynolds said, “Hobbies are the things you choose to do; activities that you’re probably good at and enjoy doing, and these personal expressions “will give us unedited clues as to our real desires and interests.” I totally agree with the expert, and I choose to blog! Yet, I am like many other people out there. We are not turning a profit on something that we are spending countless hours on.

    Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is money!” If we are not earning any income on your hobby, I would not say that we are wasting our time. I will say that we are “eating money!” I have been advised for years to write for a living. I simply have not taken the plunge! I am not earning any money on my writing, but I plan to make time for that in the near future. I have been motivated by the success story of Lisa Price, the founder of Carol’s Daughter.

    Janell Ross reports, “Price’s mother, Carol, convinced her to bring some of her handmade concoctions to a church flea market.” Lisa Price’s story is one of many that is encouraging! Have people been advising you to earn money with your hobby? I recommend that you read this article by Bridget McCrea. Now, watch this video to learn how you too can turn your hobby into a business.

    Do you have what it takes to turn your hobby into a business? Please comment.