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Inspiring Money Quotes


Money: It causes such emotions in people! Your emotions can range from worry to euphoria! I believe that it would help if you could gain a better understanding of why you get emotional about money. The year is nearly over, but it is never too late for you to turn things around! I would like to offer what helps me.

Sometimes, all it takes is for me to read or hear people give their success stories. I try to relate to what has (or hasn’t) worked for them. I am also motivated by some inspiring quotes about money! I hope you will enjoy some of my favorite quotes! They are as follows:





Photo of the Week: Spirituality


Please share your experiences of spirituality in your workplace. If you are not convinced about diversifying the workplace, read about “The Effects of the Workplace on Spirituality.”

Man of Honor-October (Series 3 of 3)

“Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.”-I Timothy 5:17

When was the last time you let your pastor know that you appreciate his dedication, service, and leadership? Pastor Appreciation Month is observed in October, and this is an excellent time to share your gratitude! I am grateful for my pastor, Supt. C. A. Stevenson, who motivated me to create this “Man of Honor” series. When you have an awesome pastor, it is easy to recognize and support others!

It has been a privilege to honor Pastor Marcus Carruthers as the first “Man of Honor!” He has inspired his spiritual family to serve in many ways! Isn’t he worthy of “double honour?” I salute his legacy as a charitable giver, and I hope his life has been an inspiration to you! You may visit the Dwelling Place Church website to learn more about the marvelous work that he is doing. Here are his answers to some interview questions:

1. What experience(s) caused you to go into the ministry?
When I was in Corporate America at the peak of my career, I had just been featured in “Computer World” magazine. You would think I would have been on top of the world, but I was not! I was empty! Through a time of prayer and fasting, God showed me that He wanted me to move from living a life of success to a life of significance. This began my surrender to ministry. My focus moved from impacting the bottom line to impacting the lives of people for Jesus Christ.

2. What motivates you to help charitable causes?
I am motivated by my love and gratitude to God. God has been good to me! I show Him my appreciation by serving others and meeting physical needs with a desire to ultimately meet spiritual needs. When I serve others, I serve God! Matthew 25:40 says, “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'” I want people to see Jesus in me even before they hear me talk about Him. I am committed to life-service, not lip-service!

3. After asking me about being “God’s Instrument,” what led you to fast/pray with me?
God! When I see God moving, it gets my attention! After praying, God told me to encourage and support you. He also gave me the following scripture to remind me of the power of unity in prayer: “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”-Matthew 18:19-20

4. Describe your experience as Chaplain for the Arkansas Razorbacks.
As Chaplain, I have the privilege of tending to the spiritual well-being of the student-athletes, coaches, etc. It gives me another platform to engage, equip, and empower people to become who God has created them to be. I encourage the athletes to recognize that their ability is a gift from God. I also encourage them to tell God, “Thank you,” by maximizing that gift.

5. What are your hopes for your church family?
…spiritual maturity and God-given purposes fulfilled. This is my prayer at the end of each person’s journey-as he/she stands before God: He will say, “Well done! You fulfilled the purpose that was deposited in you in the generation that I placed you in.”

Now You Can be Financially Free!


Do you know someone who is always struggling? They keep getting in worse situations despite their best efforts! Their parents can’t help because money management has never been a priority. As a result, our friends only learn how to do something correctly after doing it incorrectly. Occasionally, I have directed my friends to research different websites and blogs for financial advice.

This is what happened when someone asked me about “reversing the curse” of poverty. I don’t have that financial background; so, prayer was my first advice. Then, I read an amazing article about Ms. Jackie Cummings Koski. After reading the article, I had to try to offer additional help to my friend. In the article, Ms. Koski shares her personal story of breaking the cycle of being broke.

Ms. Koski explains her financial legacy by identifying the financial challenges that her father experienced. She accredits educators for instilling the importance of education and its role in changing her legacy. A change in marital status further motivated her to change her money management, which lead to an awesome transformation! If you want tips on how to change your life, read “How I Broke the Cycle of Being Broke.”

If this post has helped you, please comment.

Photo of the Week: Jump in the Fight!


If you have not joined the fight, please visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. website and learn more about breast cancer. You should also know about these nine magnificent people in the fight against breast cancer.

Video: Watch Me Now!

Have you ever left your smartphone in someone’s office, vehicle, etc.? You ran back (or drove back) in a panic to retrieve it, right?! I know because my job duties have changed, and I have to be more mobile than last year. I have an Otterbox case with a belt clip, but all of my outfits are not conducive to a clip. Leaving my smartphone in someone’s office made me turn into a sprint that would have made Allyson Felix proud!


Worrying about leaving my smartphone somewhere will not get it! I considered a smart watch as an option; so, I read different smart watch reviews. Since the article reviews were not flattering, I thought that watching a video review might change my perception. The presenter’s voice is a little annoying, but the video is quite informative and convincing! I need another option, but the smart watch is not cost effective!

What do you think about smart watches? Please comment to let me know if the video was helpful. Thank you.

Get Rid of Workplace Conflicts


Isn’t it ironic? Boss’s Day is observed on October 16th, and Conflict Resolution Day is observed on October 17th! There is definitely a correlation between bosses and conflicts! Workplace conflicts often start and end with the boss. Workplaces suffer when there are omissions by a good boss and errors by a difficult boss.

Whether the “boss” is your immediate supervisor or someone in upper-level management, conflict can easily occur. Your performance is often impacted by how you interact with them as well as how you react to their decisions. And the boss is frequently impacted by your performance or lack of performance. This is called performance-based conflict.

With everyone depending on each other to make things work, stress is common. Stress is an element that causes people to misunderstand, overreact to, dismiss, or disrespect others. Stress may also lead to competency-based conflict, which is described as disagreements on how to accomplish job responsibilities.

As individuals, most people have opinions on how to complete their duties. Sometimes, those opinions are in direct contrast to how the boss wants things completed. American cartoonist Carl Barks said, “Work smarter, not harder.” If a “boss” is a mere manager, he/she simply wants things done effectively. There is little regard for employees’ ideas, emotions, etc.

Leaders, on the other hand, focus on getting things done efficiently without a disregard for employees’ wants and needs. When a boss disregards employees’ concerns, it can lead to the third type of workplace conflict. Interpersonal relationship-based conflicts often occur when there is a lack of communication, advancement, ethics, and/or diversity.

After identifying the types of workplace conflict, what can you do to get rid of them? Here are some tips to help get rid of workplace conflicts. Attempt to communicate with the person you are having a conflict with rather than others. Seek help from a mediator when communication does not work. Finally, work together to change the workplace culture.

If you (or someone you know has) have ever had a workplace conflict, what was the leading cause? Please comment.

Photo of the Week: “Friends”


Do you agree that your friends can play a role in your success (and vice versa)? If you disagree, read more about this.

Man of Honor-October (Series 2 of 3)

Did you know that George Tillman, Jr.’s movie, “Men of Honor,” reportedly earned more than $45 million? Mark Deming offered this description of the movie: “This military drama is based on the true story of Carl Brashear, who was the first African-American to serve as a diver in the United States Navy… Brashear must fight prejudice, military bureaucracy, and even a crippling injury in order to realize his dreams.”

I loved every part of the movie, and I often reflect on this man’s incredible ability to overcome many obstacles! One thing that stands out is a conversation between Master Chief Petty Officer William “Billy” Sunday and Carl Brashear. Billy Sunday looked at a photo of Brashear’s father and asked him a question. Sunday asked, “What […] did he ever say to make you try so hard?” Brashear replied, “Be the best.”


As Mr. Brashear demonstrated in the movie, it often helps when you have the support of your family. The “Man of Honor for October 2013” has several things in common with Carl Brashear. Pastor Marcus Carruthers is making great strides towards being the best in all of his endeavors, and his family has contributed to his success. The Oklahoma native is the proud son of Mr. John and Mrs. Norma Carruthers.

His parents and siblings (three older brothers and one older sister) were instrumental in his graduation from Millwood High School as well as Grambling State University. The “baby of the family” was no brat; he earned a bachelor’s degree in CIS in 1991. Not only do his wife and son (Dionne and John-Marcus, respectively) offer amazing support, but his fraternity brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. also inspire him.

Marcus Carruthers gains guidance from his favorite book, the Bible, too. In addition, he receives motivation from his church family to be the best. As pastor, Marcus is committed to following God and helping his members develop their spiritual relationships with Jesus Christ. Next week, you will learn more about the awesome contributions that this “Man of Honor” has made to his community.

How do you think his family, his church, and/or his fraternity brothers have contributed to Marcus Carruthers’s success? Please comment.

Is Renters Insurance Worth the Money?


InsWeb Corporation noted, “According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a rented property is 79% more likely to be burglarized than an owned property.” While attending college, my sister and I were among that 79%. We shared many fun times at our first apartment, but a burglar convinced us to move.

Not only did we feel unsafe, but we were also unable to retrieve our property because we didn’t have renters insurance. I secured a job in another city after graduating, and I was determined to purchase renters insurance. As a young adult living on my own; however, I had numerous expenses. I needed renters insurance, but I assumed that I couldn’t afford it.

Affordability is one of the many myths about renters insurance. When an insurance salesman told me the cost of renters insurance (less than $20/month), I was convinced that it was worth the money! Theft was not my only concern; fire and other property damages were on my mind. A colleague dealt with vandalism, and a friend dealt with flooding.

Someone in my apartment complex lost a child in a fire, and half of the building was destroyed. I am not sure if she had insurance, but the entire thing was tragic! It does not matter if you live in an apartment or a house. Purchasing renters insurance is a wise decision. Your landlord’s policy will not cover your property; it only covers his property.

You’re responsible for your property, and renters insurance can help. It will reduce your expenses if you have to replace your furniture, clothing, technology, etc. Renters insurance can also protect you if one of your guests requires medical or liability expenses. If you want to reduce the amount of losses, renters insurance is definitely worth the money!

Do you need renters insurance? Contact Roanita Jenkins at Roanita Jenkins Insurance Agency for free advice.