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Trendsetter of the Month (series 1 of 2)

Welcome to my new series, “Trendsetter of the Month”! I plan to alternate this series with my “Entrepreneur of the Month” and “Trailblazer of the Month” series! The media is fraught with negative images that might lead viewers to believe that the trendsetters among us are not worthy of imitation! I will continue to counter those stereotypes with positive portrayals. If you have helped to initiate or popularize a trend for people of color, you are also eligible.

The featured trendsetters will vary from industry to industry, and I hope that they will inspire you. Mrs. Venus Marquette Ashley Hylton is the first “Trendsetter of the Month”! Mrs. Hylton’s journey to her bejeweled destination had a few unconventional stops. She’s been a teacher, software developer, website writer, and stay-at-home mother of two. Venus founded Maji Designs in 1998, and she continues to prove that opposites are attractive!


With her jewelry creations for sale in several of Atlanta’s finest boutiques, it’s clear this designer has landed beautifully. Would you like to wear fine jewelry that celebrities wear? Venus Marquette Ashley Hylton is the woman for the job! You may contact her at venus@majidesigns.net. I appreciate Mrs. Hylton for accepting my invitation to be “Trendsetter of the Month” for September 2013.-Source: venushylton.com

Next week, you will learn more about Mrs. Hylton’s awesome talent. What do you think of this series? Please comment.

What You Really Need


According to Mandy Hale, “It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.” Unfortunately, some of us struggle with accepting this mentality. We can quote I Corinthians 13:3: “Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love.” However, some of us have trouble applying it to ourselves. Unselfish people struggle with self-love because they are so accustomed to giving to everyone else!

They consider basic care and concern for themselves as “guilty pleasures.” If someone has to literally force you to take time for yourself, you are probably suffering from a deficiency in self-love. I’m not referring to low self-esteem; I’m referring to givers who never put their needs above others. What can you do to improve your self-love? Daylle Deanna Schwartz recommends 31 Days of Self-Love. She said, “An excellent way to begin to love yourself is to do something loving for you. When you treat yourself with kindness, it makes you feel good.”

Here are 7 ways to get what you really need:
1. Do something that you enjoy every day.
2. Spend some money on yourself!
3. Make time to sit, reflect, meditate, and pray about what you really want.
4. Discuss your desires with someone you can confide in.
5. Celebrate who you are and what you mean to so many people.
6. Exercise to have enough energy to maintain such a giving lifestyle.
7. Continue to give (often how you are blessed), but don’t forget about yourself.

Do you struggle with getting what you really need? Please comment.

Photo of the Week: Discipline


Are you disciplined enough (able to do what is necessary now to enjoy what is possible later) to cross your bridges to get what you want?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Sometimes

Please share if discipline is one of your weaknesses.