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Photo of the Week: Hidden Figures

After viewing this amazing film, I have a greater commitment to promoting/ supporting HBCUs and black women who rock! 

The REAL Thanksgiving

by Gary R. Hess

The legend of Thanksgiving goes back more than 350 years. We have all heard the story about how the Pilgrims spent Thanksgiving with the Natives and ate fully, but is this what really happened?

The Wampanoag Indians were descendants of the Iroquois who had spent their time in New England for thousands of years. The tribe lived off the land by hunting deer and other animals in the summer and early fall, fishing salmon and herring in the spring and then moved farther inland during the winter to seek shelter from the storms.

The group lived along the coastal region in round-roofed houses called ‘wigwams’ unlike the Midwest Indians who used teepees in order to travel quickly.

The people were friendly and hospitable towards strangers. However a group of English travelers had saddened villages across the region by bringing disease and capturing many to be sold on the slave market. One of the villages, Patuxet, demolished by the English was one of a famous Native American, Squanto.

Squanto was a Native American who befriended John Weymouth (an English Explorer) and headed back to England in order to learn their customs speak English and become Christian. During his stay, a British Slaver captured Squanto and sold him to the Spanish in the Caribbean. Luckily a Spanish Franciscan priest helped Squanto back to England where he would pay Weymouth to bring him back to his homeland.

On his return home Squanto had realized his village was deserted and left with skeletons. The neighboring tribe of Wampanoag took Squanto in and treated him as their own.

As the year went on the neighboring Pilgrims grew weaker and couldn’t survive much longer. Luckily, the Wampanoag came to the rescue. The Wampanoag brought food hospitality towards the people. Since Squanto spoke English he could easily communicate with the Pilgrims and show them how to grow crops and survive off the land. The two groups then spent three days together talking about the land and eating food.

As the years passed, more Pilgrims came and forgot about the friendly Natives. They stole land, tortured and enslaved the Wampanoag while the rest were left foodless and with disease.

For many, Thanksgiving is a time for rejoice and thankfulness for what our ancestors had endured during the early years, but for the Wampanoag it is a time left hard to forget.

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The art of teaching is assisting discovery

In honor of World Teacher Day…

by Upoma Dey

The American poet Mark Van Doren aims to express the role of the teacher which is supreme in many reasons and that is why the world has stored the most respectful salute for these professionals who create other professions. The impact of a teacher exists beyond the time and generation. It is often said in the teaching world that the more you learn the better you teach. We all know that with a little imagination anything is possible and critical thinking is a vital 21st Century Skill for our students.

Learning by experience is always the more apprehended way to teach kids. And it is different than traditional approach. If you are doing this activity outside of a specific project, why not bring in a real, physical piece of art? There is a largely planned process of teachers training programme going on in India. The ultimate goal is to ensure that a contemporary learning takes place in the schools. Teaching practice is an integral component of teacher training. It grants student teachers experience in the actual teaching and learning environment. Teaching practice plays a central role in achieving the general goals of teacher education. The practice periods take place in different stages of the studies, and they provide a student with a chance to familiarize him/ her with education, teaching and learning in their different forms as well as discuss the experiences openly and critically with his/ her co-students and supervisors. If students are doing group work, is every child meaningfully involved? The incredible privilege of having little kids in your life is like witnessing the amazing human and academic growth which happens over the course of a school year. You will really enjoy teaching such small and involved kids, but it takes a professional training little of getting used to with being the little minds and their curiosity. As teachers you can take the long view and know that over the course of a school year, the influence you have on your students resulting in many more positive moments.

Teaching profession is in a high demand and one can get a lucrative join in schools. Teacher training programme trains how to teach kids and focuses on the methodologies, techniques to teach the young learners. As beautiful as it sounds, you really are touching the future when you teach a child.

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